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Don't dunk the boss, sing with them ...

We speak with a lot of companies on a daily basis, and one question we are often fascinated by is "how many of your executives attend your events?"

There is normally a long pause and then something to the effect of "...well they are really busy."

We pride ourselves on our "Friend Building" events between co-workers. But part of the magic of any event is making sure the event includes upper management and the BOSS. 

Often what we find is that company events that include the boss, or make the boss the focus, will sometimes also end up "humiliating" the boss as well. 

  • We are all going to throw a pie at the bosses face
  • We are going to embarass them by making them dance or do something weird
  • (and of course) we are all going to take turns throwing balls to try and have them fall into a tank of water 

If you have a boss that likes this kind of stuff and believes in "servant leadership" - hey great for you. But in many cases if you end up humiliating the executive team and the boss you will quickly lose the benefit of having them attend events that could help out your company culture. 

Instead of dunking the boss in cold water, throwing water balloons at them, or making them dress up in a chicken costume, how about inviting them to be on a team in a karaoke olympiad and sing along with other co-workers. 

We've found that a whole new level of appreciation and connection can develop when you sing along with someone, instead of trying to dunk them. 

Have Fun!

Shawn Madden