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Guarantee everyone loves the company party for at least 4 minutes !

So you could spend a ton of time organizing the next company celebration or event. Balloons, catering, prizes and all kinds of fun. 

But can you make sure people actually show up? And if they do show up that they actually don't just grab a gift bag and bolt for the exit?

One idea we have been experimenting with is the idea of having companies create a "company jukebox" for your next big bash. Surely by now most people are on Pandora or Spotify. Instead of trying to pick one musical genre or guess, why not have everyone on your team or in your company pick their one favorite song of all time.  (Radio edits are always best)

Add each song to a company playlist on a music account, and we bring the speakers and technology and play your custom playlist during your event. 

Just like people love looking at pictures of their vacation [but probably not yours] who wouldn't love to hear their favorite song at your company party.  

This way your employees have input on at least a small piece of the event, feel like they are more invested, and hey maybe they even hang around longer waiting for that magical 4 minutes to crop up in hour 2 or 3 of the company playlist. 


Sure, if you wanna be big time, we can always get you a great DJ, but consider creating a "company jukebox" for your next outing with selections only from your co-workers, and see if that helps with attendance and builds a bit of excitement for the next party.  

Shawn Madden