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Unlock the "Quiet Giant" in your company by ... singing?

What do the Tampa Bay Bucs, the Golden State Warriors, and your next company party have in common?

How many times have you seen it - You are out with your friends at a Karaoke bar and then all of the sudden out of nowhere, someone you least expect belts out an epic tune. The whole place is applauding, the singer is beaming with a smile, and you never look at that person the same way again. 

Because you have witnessed a Quiet Giant in action. 

Every business has them. The person who has one or two special talents that they love and are PROUD of, if only they have a chance to show them to someone else. And once they do, your office will never view them the same way again.

Can you draw out the Quiet Giants in your office so that they are more engaged with everyone else?

We have a good idea how ... let them sing!! 

Don't believe us? Just look at how many professional sports teams bring their new "rookies" into the culture by having them ... sing! 

If you watch Hard Knocks throughout the seasons from Cincinnati to Tampa Bay this year, you will see time and time again, talent shows and rookies singing. Now granted, some of them need a little work. But aren't these teams focused on "friend-building" and getting to know the new rookies as part of "team-building?"

What do the championship Golden State warriors have to say:

Yup - Have the rookies sing. 

Maybe some of them have a quiet giant inside, maybe some of them are nervous. But everyone sings. Because if you like the song that someone has chosen, you've just added one more point into the "familiarity" score. 

Hey they like the same song I like too! And they are really friggin' good at it too. 

"Maybe they are a bit cooler then I thought?"

"Maybe I should chat them up more in the lunch room?"

"Maybe that idea they pitched me last week at the department meeting ... maybe they actually had a good point?"

Sound crazy? Or does it sound really simple? We have seen it happen with many companies we work with.

The Golden State warriors and Tampa Bay Bucs are Billion dollar franchises that aren't afraid to build friendships by letting their employees sing. 

Surely you can get started with a Karaoke Olympiad and see if singing can unlock the company culture you have been looking for. 

Shawn Madden