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Don't keep trying to find the perfect spot ...

We have worked with quite a few companies over the last year, and some events simply don't get to happen because we can't figure out the perfect spot. 

So maybe its not surprising when we tell you there is no perfect spot

Especially if you focus on Friend-Building as the reason for the event, instead of the location. 

Site selection bogs down many of the great parties and events we never get to throw. And that might be because people simply haven't thought about just using a simple space that they can fill up with customized ideas that matter to their company. 

Is there a ball-field in your area?

Is there a ball-field in your area?


You can shell out 20k for the hottest and trendiest club in town, but it will be so loud that no one will be able to carry on a conversation. You can find the most exciting location with games and bells and whistles and video screens, and then watch as all your employees scatter in different directions at a Dave and Buster's. 

Or maybe you could try and keep it simple, and realize the rhythm of throwing 3 or 4 company events consistently every year, and focusing on social connections, is going to have a much bigger impact on your company culture and your bottom line than finding the perfect spot. 

We get why - You want to find a place that's hip, new, and trendy (i.e. loud, full of booze, and expensive). You want to find a place that's close to the office or close to where employees live. But in reality you would be better off picking compelling activities instead of a compelling spot, because not every employee will be able to make it, no matter how awesome and perfect the location. 

Sometimes it's a matter of trying to impress someone else. You have other companies, or vendors, or even customers coming. So finding the perfect spot is a must for the boss or the executive team. But what is more memorable, the space and the dining-ware, or the conversations and discovery that you had with those vendors and clients when actually communicating and having fun with with them, maybe for the first time ever?

So when planning your next company event, think about whether you might be trying to place too much emphasis on the perfect location. Maybe if you picked a local ball-field or court, you could take the focus off the space and put the focus onto friend-building activities instead. 

Shawn Madden