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The Party is the Prize ..

Instead of rewarding employees if they hit a goal, could the party be the goal?

We spoke to a potential client a few weeks ago with an interesting and somewhat common concept. They were researching ideas for a company party IF their employees hit all 3 important KPI goals. 

So we talked about a few ideas and options, and then kind of stumbled upon a simple idea:

"Your employees get the party if they hit this number right?"

"Yes ... that's why we can't book this event yet until all the quarterly numbers come in and we see if they hit the number."

"So do the employees know what the event will be if they hit the numbers?"

"Uhhhh ... excellent question"

It's fine to tie a party or event as a reward to a company goal or metric. But why not tell everyone what the reward will be. It might give them more incentive to actually hit your number!!

You don't have to book the party ... but why not try and customize a party that will get the employees super fired up? Do they love trivia? Kickball? Karaoke?

Would they be more excited to go after the numbers, if they could picture what the reward would look like, instead of just saying "There will be a party?"

Let us know if this sounds like your company ... and maybe we can design a party that will help you actually achieve your quarterly numbers, instead of just being a surprise after all the hard work is already done. 

Shawn Madden