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Silo-Breaker Olympiads

Silo-Breaker Olympiads

"I don't like that man. I must get to know him better."
- President Abraham Lincoln

Mesh Departments and Break Silo's

You've tried the open office space, and moved the soda and coffee machine around to try and create social collisions. Instead why not try an indoor or outdoor team Olympiad that will  help create valuable long-term social connections, instead of random collisions.

Olympiads create small teams of co-workers on the spot, that compete in a series of games and social challenges customized to your companies culture.  Track scores on portable TV's and crown an office champ, all while enjoying time to eat, drink and socialize. 

You're not just renting games. Every Olympiad event and activity has a purpose behind it to foster collaboration, share what co-workers have in common, and create new friendships in an organic way. 


Meet someone else's Family

Part of investing in social connections is learning about someone else's likes, dislikes, and maybe even meeting their spouse and kids. It's a lot harder for Joe in accounting to yell at Stan if their kids hit it off at your Family Olympiad last month!

Indoor or Outdoor Doesn't Matter

Teams of 6 competing against each other at mini-golf, Jenga, trivia, and Karaoke in a local nightclub. No Problem. We will set it all up and make sure that unique teams compete in fun tasks that may even generate content for your company to use in future recruiting, marketing, and social media campaigns.